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Monday, 7 March 2011

The Avon Products!

Hi guys!! :)

First of all, I completely forgot I had also ordered a mascara - SuperShock mascara to be precise! I seem to do this a lot, make an order, then get a nice surprise when the it arrives with lots of goodies I had forgotten about. :)

Pro-to-go Lipstick -
FANTASTIC! I love it, im definitely going to be purchasing this product again, perhaps some more shades too! Easily applied, smooth finish, moisturising, lasts all day! I could carry on haha!

Ideal Shade Natural Liquid Foundation -
I've tried this foundation before and it never lets me down, it smells gorgeous! It's so soft and gives a nice matte finish. Good coverage which is easily buildable depending on how much coverage you want!

Perfect Wear Liquid Eye Liner Pen -
I was actually really impressed with this product. I'm not sure why it has received the negative comments that it has.
I wore it to work; a 12 hour shift from 6am - 6pm and it was still in perfect place when I got home!
Applying make up at 5am takes some skill. This liner is so easy - one attempt and I had perfect, precise liner.
I do agree with some comments that the black shade is not completely black and does have a slightly navy tint to it, but only noticeable close up!
A good buy but you could probably find a better alternative for a similar/cheaper price.

SuperShock Mascara -
Really, really nice mascara. Separates lashes well, makes them thicker, longer and no clumps! A lovely thick applicator as well. Will buy again!

Coming up, I will be reviewing some hair products :)

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  1. I've tried their mascara before, not the supershock, but another one :)