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Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Favourite Eye Products!

Shadow - MAYBELLINE NEW YORK Expert Wear Mono (412, Lagoon Blue - £4.09)
Liner - MAYBELLINE NEW YORK Line Definer Liquid Eyeliner (In Black Brown - £3.99)
Mascara - MAYBELLINE NEW YORK Great Lash Mascara (In Very Black - £5.19)
Brow Pencil - RIMMEL Professional Eye Brow Pencil (£2.99)

I'll keep this post brief!

Maybelline New York Expert Wear Mono - Lagoon Blue

Colour - 4/5
Durability - 4/5
Blending - 4/5
Value For Money - 4/5
Comments - There is a fantastic range of colours if the Lagoon Blue isn't for you. I've got a few of them and they are all wonderful. This colour can be adapted so you can dress it up or use it to simply add a bit of colour to your day-look.

Maybelline New York Line Definer Liquid Eyeliner - Black Brown

Ease of Use - 4/5
Durability - 3/5 (Can wear off throughout day)
Value For Money - 4/5
Comments - Perfect for those who haven't used liquid liner before, less fiddly and more stable! Although the ease of use does compromise the definition and precision of liquid liner. I have been using this daily as I was given it from a friend, and I have been complimented on my liquid liner a lot! Saying 'it's never out of place!' and I always reccomend this in return for the niceness!

Maybelline New York Great Lash Mascara - Very Black

Volume - 4/5
Length - 3/5
Durability - 4/5
Value For Money - 3/5
Comments - Everything you need from a mascara! Comes in waterproof too which I always buy for holidays. Probably better for day-looks as they give a naturally volumous look, if you're looking for something more intense for the evening this isn't for you.

Rimmel Professional Eye Brow Pencil

Precision - 4/5
Natural Finish - 5/5
Value For Money - 5/5
Comments - I always find it funny because without filling in my brows they are near enough invisible, quite thin and fine. Since using this a couple of people have mentioned how neat my eye brows are, and one person actually asked who does them for me! I do them, but this pencil really does all the work.
It comes with a brow brush too which is ESSENTIAL!! I'd also reccommend a brow gel to ensure they stay picture-perfect all day long

If you have any suggestions for blog posts, reviews, or tips don't hold back in letting me know!
Phoebe x

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  1. I love great lash mascara, always been my fave =]