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Monday, 24 January 2011

Foundation comparison

So I am forever trying to find the perfect foundation, I know it is the same case for many girls!
I've got so many foundations, all of which are good for their own reasons.
The three I've chosen cover all budgets and skin solutions.

Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid in Fawn (£6.19)
Max Factor Lasting Performance in Pastelle (£9.99)
Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection in Biscuit(£3.99)

Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid is a lovely foundation. It has appeared in loads of beauty awards lists. It has a soft finish, the only downfall with me is that its so soft I can't stop touching my skin and end up rubbing it off!! It leaves a matte finish, almost like what you would expect from a powder. My personal difficulty with foundation, especially in the winter, is that my skin becomes dry in places and foundation flakes off.
This foundation was great in that it didn't flake, it's finish is light, good for those of you who already have pretty good skin, but if you had the odd spot or imperfection you will undoubtedly need a concealer with a higher coverage. Lovely fragrance.

Max Factors Lasting performance had the highest price tag of the foundations, and as they say a high price tag does not necessarily mean good quality. It leaves a dewy finish and gives good coverage over dark patches under the eyes and red patches on the cheeks. One downfall I found was that you have to be really thorough with blending this foundation as orange 'tide-marks' can be quite shocking with this! It is thicker than Dream Satin but does last longer as it says it should do! Good for if your at college/uni/work all day and don't fancy nipping to the bathroom to top up!

Collection 2000's Lasting perfection also lasts well. This is something I look for in a foundation as I only really get one chance a day to apply make-up! The only bad point of a good lasting foundation is that they tend to be thicker and really feel like they are clogging up your skin. This foundation is oil free and doesn't make my T-zone feel too clogged, although it is still a very heavy foundation. It leaves a really natural looking dewy finish, which I personally love. The smell isn't the most attractive, my boyfriend moans it makes me face smell weird! So perhaps not the best if you're out to kiss someone!!

I hope this helped! Overall I would say Maybelline Dream Satin is a winner for coverage and finish, if you like a less matte finish like me, I add some highlighter on my cheekbones and eyes to add some shine!!
The others are definitely worth a go though, but really proves that price does not always mean quality.

Speak soon girls! xxxxx

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